• Loodz working on the fresco

  • Loodz with part of the finished fresco

You have to be curious and creative to work for a project like CMS. Without these qualities, it would be impossible to build an instrument of its complexity. The CMS detector is a marvellous instrument at the forefront of technology and will open windows into 21st century science. However, if you stand in front of this high precision device, you believe you are looking at an elegant piece of art. The founders of CMS made a beautiful choice in the design; it is a perfect demonstration how modern science touches art.

Recently, a new fresco designed by CMS’s very own Sergio Cittolin and realized by freelance graffiti artist Loodz has been completed outside the entrance to the CMS Control Room at Point 5.

Many will be familiar with Sergio’s representations of the CMS detector, in the style of Leonardo da Vinci. The fresco combines this style with stunning graffiti-style images of the universe of particles, and will provide an eye-catching welcome to students, teachers and VIPs who visit CMS.

An exhibition of Loodz's artwork will be held between 27th October and 30th November at the Maison Fusier exhibition hall, at the invitation of the Mayor of Ferney Voltaire.

— Submitted by Michael Hoch