• Some of the participants of CMS's first-ever Hangout on Air in Spanish

Early in the morning on 22 October, I grabbed my laptop and safety helmet and took the elevator 30 storeys underground to the CMS experimental cavern. But this time it wasn't to work on the maintenance of the Drift Tubes system as in previous weeks; I booted my laptop and connected to the smiling faces of students from high schools in the Spanish cities of Madrid, Santander and Avil├ęs. We were joined by my colleagues from CIEMAT, IFCA and the University of Oviedo for CMS's first-ever Hangout on Air in Spanish. Even though I am used to participating in videoconferences for work, this Hangout from nearly 100 metres underground was in many ways a first for me. It allowed us to take the enthusiastic students on a virtual tour of the cavern using a smartphone and answer their questions about the CMS project, the detector design and construction, and the collaboration's physics objectives. The event was very well received. It was covered by local media in Spain, and the organisers have received requests for Hangouts with different groups of students. According to one of the participant teachers, "From my point of view, this was a success, and the students benefited from the opportunity to speak to scientists working at the LHC." All in all, we had a good experience that will hopefully serve to spread the importance of CMS among Spanish speakers and also mark the beginning of a series of CMS Hangouts in different languages.

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