Achievement Awards 2007

Achievement Awards 2007
System Name Institution Citation
Tracker Christophe Delaere Louvain major contributions to the tracker online software
Tracker Stefano Mersi CERN decisive contributions to tracker testing and integration
ECAL Paolo Meridiani CERN great contributions to ECAL software development
ECAL Pasquale Musella LIP important contributions to ECAL DAQ
HCAL Efe Yazgan METU crucial contributions to HCAL Global runs, Cruzet and Craft
HCAL Kerem Cankocak Iowa major contributions to HF construction and commissioning
Muon Phillip Killewald Ohio State decisive expertise on CSC hardware and software
Muon Christina Fernandez Bedoya CIEMAT, Madrid critical contributions to the development of the DT read out system
Tridas Karol Bunkowski Warsaw major contributions to the L1 RPC trigger system
Tridas Robert Gomez-Reino CERN decisive contributions to the Detector Control System
Commissioning Arno Heister Boston important contributions to the HCAL run control and first global runs
Commissioning Kristian Hahn MIT decisive input for integration of the tracker into global running
Software, Computing Maarten Thomas Aachen leadership in the CMS Monte Carlo production
Software, Computing Benedikt Hegner CERN critical contributions to CMS software development