The first image in the series, showing the full CMS detector

Visitors to P5 now have a series of seven posters of beautiful 3D drawings of the CMS detector to look at before they go underground to the CMS cavern.

This series of the drawings is called “ZOOOM”.

Image credit: Tai Sakuma | Animation credit: Achintya Rao

These drawings each show a cutaway view of the CMS detector from the same angle at different distances: the first one shows the entire CMS detector from a far distance; the last one depicts the detail of the innermost subsystem, the pixel tracker.

The posters, each A0 in size, were framed and installed by Michael Hoch.

The drawings were produced by using the 3D modelling program SketchUp and its Ruby API. The geometry of the CMS detector was obtained from the CMS Detector Description, the master source of the CMS detector geometry used in the CMS event reconstruction and the CMS detector simulation. Ruby scripts were developed to realize the CMS Detector Description as 3D SketchUp models.

Aside from making posters, CMS uses these SketchUp models for many different purposes, including formal documentation such as publication papers and Technical Design Reports for upgrades.