• CMS collabotarors posing next to the installation. Photo credit: Achintya Rao

Building 40 at CERN’s Meyrin site was abuzz with excitement as CMS formally inaugurated an art installation featuring a full-size high-resolution photograph of the CMS detector organised by the CMS Communications Group. The unveiling was met with cheers throughout the building from the many CMS collaborators who had gathered in the cafe at noon for this occasion.

The project has been driven by Michael Hoch, CMS photographer and Max Brice, CERN photographer, who took several hundred high-resolution pictures of the detector and worked with a professional design company (Rutschi) in order to stitch them together into one single image. CMS would like to thank the DG and James Gilles for their support. Many thanks also go to Maf Alidra and others who helped with the logistics involved in installing the image in Building 40.

Watch a video of the unveiling.

See pictures from the event.