Today LHC delivered to CMS a total of about 5 hours of clean collisions and we have recorded about 11000 min bias BSC triggers. The quality of the data produced and the performance of the Tracker together with the exceptional speed with which we have analyzed Tracker data and provided feedback were simply very, very impressive. I would like to thank and congratulate with all who have tirelessly and entusiastically worked at P5 and CMS centers to make this happen. This is only the beginning of long and hopefully exciting story.(Gian Mario Bilei, Tracker Project Manager)

Enjoy a lot more at these links:

And here is a first visualization of independent track jets and calo jets (both pT>2GeV) in the nicest event from run 123592:
Tracks shown were cut at pT>1GeV, dz(tr,PV)8.

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