I am very happy to announce to you all a nice coincidence of events that happened on Friday. During the last one of a long series of approval meetings on 2010 data I have received the news from the P5 crew that CMS was recording the first 2011 collisions.
The coincidence is not accidental since we planned it carefully for months: try to complete most, if not all, of the 2010 analyses before the start of the new data-taking. It is however amazing how well these major challenges for the experiment have been tackled by our teams.
CMS operation and technical teams at P5 have brought the detector back to data-taking mode after months of complex activities connected to the Winter Technical Stop.
CMS physics groups have gone through an incredibly rich harvesting of new physics measurements with outstanding results that are well beyond even the most optimistic expectations.

The whole collaboration has contributed to these achievements and this is why I wish to thank you all.
I am particularly pleased with the large amount of new physics results produced by CMS and with their quality that matches the highest standards of scientific excellence.