While the LHC will play the starring role in the 2013/2014 Long Shutdown (LS1), the break will also be a chance for its experiments to upgrade their detectors. CMS will be expanding its current muon detection systems, fitting 72 new cathode strip chambers (CSC) and 144 new resistive plate chambers (RPC) to the endcaps of the detector. These new chambers are currently under construction in Building 904.

Visit Building 904!
CERN Internal Communication is organising a visit to Building 904 on the Prévessin site.

If you wish to participate, you can sign up for a visit by sending us an e-mail (dates to be decided depending on the number of people interested). Note that visits are open only to CERN access-card holders.

The visit will include:
- an introduction by the experts, lasting about 5 minutes,
- a tour of the construction area, lasting about 15 minutes,
- a few minutes for questions.