First pp collisions at 8 TeV observed in CMS

CMS has just recorded the first collisions with stable beams at a world-record collision energy of 8 TeV[1].

CMS took good quality data with all sub-detectors working well.

The LHC fill lasted for 1h34min and the "pile-up" at the beginning of the fill was ~27 pp collision events per bunch crossing.

Real collision event inside CMS

A real proton-proton collision event with a centre-of-mass energy of 8 TeV[1], as seen in the CMS detector on 5th April, 2012.

The LHC circulates bunches of protons, each containing hundreds of billions of protons. When the bunches, travelling in opposite directions inside the LHC, cross inside CMS, multiple collisions of pairs of protons occur.

In this event, 23 pairs of protons collide, resulting in the production of a high number of particles.

Submitted by Maria Chamizo Llatas and Lucas Taylor

[1] TeV = Tera Electronvolt:…

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