At 17:00 on Sunday 30th October the LHC dumped the last proton beams
for the year to start the machine development period
and to prepare for heavy ion running. This means that we have
come to the end of proton operation for 2011.

In 2011 the LHC delivered 5.74 fb-1 of proton collisions and CMS has
recorded 5.21 fb-1.

A few highlights from the run this year:

Peak Instantaneous Luminosity: 3.55x10^33 Hz/cm2 in fill 2256 2011.10.26
Delivered luminosity in one Fill: 123 pb-1 in fill 2219 2011.10.16
Maximum Luminosity in one Day: 136 pb-1 on 2011.10.13
Maximum Luminosity Delivered in one Week: 538 pb-1 in week 41
Maximum Luminosity Delivered in one Month: 1614 pb-1 in October

The LHC declared stable beams for 1364 hours this year.

Anders, Maria, Luca, Andrzej, Christoph

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