By CMS Collaboration

Congratulations to four CMS scientists, Kerstin Borras, David Saltzberg, Robin Erbacher and Paul Padley, who were elected as American Physical Society (APS) Fellows in 2018 for their exceptional contributions to the field of physics.

The American Physical Society (APS) has more than 50,000 members and is the second largest physics association in the world. Scientists who have made extraordinary contributions to research or important research or technology developments can be nominated to become an APS Fellow.

In the past, the APS Fellowship was also awarded to Nobel Prize laureates, such as David Gross, David Politzer and Frank Wilczek in 1974 (Nobel Prize in Physics 2004) and Enrico Fermi in 1939 (Nobel Prize in Physics 1938), as well as previous CERN Director General 1999-2003, Luciano Maiani in 1991.

Top left: Kerstin Borras. Top right: Paul Padley. Bottom left: David Saltzberg. Bottom right: Robin Erbacher

Kerstin Borras
Professor for Experimental Physics, DESY and RWTH Aachen University
“For outstanding contributions to particle physics including providing exemplary leadership at DESY, Fermilab, and CERN."

Paul Padley
Professor of Physics, Rice University
"For leadership and innovations in hadron collider operations, triggering and data acquisition on the CMS and D0 experiments as the US CMS Operations Manager, Leader of the US CMS Endcap Muon Project, Co-Leader of D0 Run IIb Trigger Upgrade and Leader of D0 Level 3/DAQ project."

David Saltzberg
Professor of Physics, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
"For multiple contributions to hadron collider physics research; and for searches for PeV-ZeV astrophysical neutrinos, including accelerator experiments to establish the existence and viability of the Askaryan effect for this purpose"

Robin Erbacher
Professor of Physics, University of California, Davis
"For significant contributions to measuring the properties of the top quark, and to using it to probe for a variety of new physics signatures."