Learner Objectives for Masterclass

These are educational goals for students participating in the masterclass.

  • Describe/show how conservation laws, behavior of particles in a magnetic field and energy-mass conversion apply to particle physics.
  • Explain that a general-purpose collider detector is made of a number of subsystems and describe what they are designed to measure.
  • Describe features of the Standard Model—which particles are which and how they relate to one other.
  • Identify specific particles and particle decays by their signatures.
  • Give examples of how hadrons or force carriers can decay into different types of leptons.
  • Give examples of conservation of charge in particle decays.
  • Express an increased appreciation for the nature of scientific investigation.

CMS Masterclass versions

Short version
Long version (full day) Description
Introduction Insights on topics and methods of particle physics, the LHC, CMS and other experiments at CERN.
Visit Tour of facility/laboratory
Lunch with a physicist Opportunity for students/teachers to ask questions, exchange ideas and talk about the career of a physicist in an informal environment.
Measurement Presentation of the iSpy software. Analysis of CMS data. Discussion of the results with the CMS scientist(s).
Videoconference An occasion to discuss the results with scientists based at CERN, and possibly with other students.
Location at school*
/ at CMS institute
at CMS institute

Organize CMS Physics Masterclass - Short Version (3-4h)

Organize CMS Physics Masterclass - Long Version (full day)


Maximum 30 students per group and 2-3 helpers is advised.

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