By CMS Collaboration

Last week, CERN hosted the first workshop on High Energy Theory and Gender focusing on recent developments in theoretical high-energy physics and cosmology, and discussed issues of gender and equal opportunities in the field. Unfortunately, one of the 38 presentations turned out to be highly offensive. It was delivered by a theoretical physicist who is affiliated with one of the Institutes in the international collaboration which built and operates the CMS Experiment.

The CMS Collaboration relies on a working environment where all members can thrive and contribute their talents, irrespective of age, career status, employment situation, institutional affiliation, geographical location, nationality, gender, ethnicity, family situation, sexual orientation, or disabilities. These diversity values are formalized in the CERN Code of Conduct.

To read CERN’s statement, please see: https://press.cern/press-releases/2018/09/statement-cern-stands-diversity.


The CMS Collaboration brings together members of the particle physics community from across the globe in a quest to advance humanity’s knowledge of the very basic laws that govern our Universe. CMS has over 4000 particle physicists, engineers, computer scientists, technicians and students from around 200 institutes and universities from more than 40 countries.