CMS Scientific Results

CMS Scientific Results

The CMS Collaboration has a broad physics programme, ranging from measurements of Standard Model quantities and the recently discovered Higgs boson, to studies of heavy-ion collisions, and searches for new particles, phenomena, and even extra dimensions in the Universe. The collaboration has published over 1000 scientific papers since 2010. CMS results from LHC collision data collected with the CMS detector are made public via papers (published or submitted for publication) and public notes (PAS) describing preliminary results.  CMS also releases public notes that include detector and performance plots (DP), results on physics upgrade studies as well as Technical Design Reports. Many of these results also provide an article targeting the general public which can be found on this page.  

Preliminary results


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Summary plots by physics topic: SMP, TOP, SUS, EXO, B2G, HIG

Physics performance results 

Upgrade performance results


The CMS Physics Coordination area has 8 groups dedicated to different thematic physics analyses (PAGs), and 8 groups focused on physics objects (POGs). There are 4 groups (SG) in charge of reconstruction, simulation, and algorithms and 2 cross-coordinated groups among PAGs and POGs. The Physics Coordination office provides support in the development of triggers and in the development, maintenance, and use of analysis data formats (XPOG). The PC communication office prepares content for the dissemination of CMS physics results and sustains communication with the wider HEP community. 

Physics Coordinators (email): Maurizio Pierini (CERN), Roberto Salerno (École Polytechnique/LLR)

Physics Coordination Office 

Cross-POG (XPOG)
Officers (email): J. R. Vlimant (CALTECH), S. Pigazzini (ETH)
Physics Communications
Officers (email): Abideh Jafari (DESY), Carlos Lourenco (CERN)
Officer (email): M. Tosi (PADOVA), J. Alimena (DESY)

Physics Object Groups (POGs)

BTV: B-tagging and Vertexing
Conveners (email): S. Mondal (BROWN), S. Wuchterl (CERN)
Public page
TRK: Tracking
Conveners (email): S. Krutelyov (UCSD), K. Skopven (GHENT)
Public page
EGM: Electron and Photons
Conveners (email): A. Kapoor (IHEP), R. Salvatico (KANSAS)
Public page 
JME: Jet and Missing Energy
Conveners (email): A. Kalogeropoulos (KANSAS STATE), A. Benecke (LOUVAIN)
Public page
MUO: Muons
Conveners (email): J. F. Schulte (PURDUE), F. Primavera (BOLOGNA)
Public page
TAU: Taus
Conveners (email): D. Winterbottom (IMPERIAL), A. Cardini (DESY)
Public page
LUM: Luminosity
Conveners (email): A. Babaev (TOMSK POLYTEC), F. Romeo (VANDERBILT)
Public page
PRO: Protons (in PPS)
Conveners (email): G. Gil da Silveira (UERJ), A. Bellora (TORINO)
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Physics Analysis Groups (PAGs)

BPH: B Physics and Quarkonia
Conveners (email): C. Rovelli (ROMA), D. Kovalskyi (MIT)
Public page 
SMP: Standard Model Physics
Conveners (email): A. Gilbert (LLR), M. Pelliccioni (TORINO)
Public page 
TOP: Top Physics
Conveners (email): J. Kieseler (KIT), A. Grohsjean (HAMBURG)
Public page 
HIG: Higgs Physics
Conveners (email): A. De Wit (LLR), E. Di Marco (ROMA)
Public page
SUS: Searches for new physics in final states with Unbalanced pT and Standard objects
Conveners (email): M. Masciovecchio (UCSD), C. Caillol (CERN)
Public page
EXO: Searches for Exotica
Conveners (email): L. Soffi (ROMA), C. Pena (FNAL)
Public page 
B2G: Searches for Beyond SM particles decaying to top quarks and Higgs and Gauge bosons
Conveners (email): L. Gouskos (CERN), A. Reimers (UZH)
Public page
HIN: Heavy-Ion Physics
Conveners (email): G. Krintiras (KANSAS), J. Wang (CERN)
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Shared Groups

Generator and 
MC production

shared with O&C
Conveners (email): M. Lu (NORTHEASTERN), B. Bilin (CERN)
Public page 
Machine Learning
shared with O&C
Conveners (email): J. Ngadiuba (FNAL), J. Duarte (UCSD)
Public page
  Particle Flow
shared with PPD
Conveners (email): S. Mukherjee (AACHEN), R. Bellan (TORINO)
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Cross-group activities

EFT Forum 
Conveners (email): A. Calandri (ETH), S. Bhattacharya (NORTHWESTERN), G. Boldrini (MILANO BICOCCA), J. Wilson (BAYLOR)
PDF Forum 
Conveners (email): K. Wichmann (DESY), K. Rabbertz(KIT) 
Monte Carlo & Interpretation Forum
Conveners (email): T. Almos Vami (UCSB), S. Qian (PEKING), R. Wolf (KARLSRUHE), A. Agapitos (PEKING), J. Choi (SEOUL), S. Fiorendi (TENNESSEE), V. Hegde (TEXAS-TECH), M. Lu (NORTHEASTERN), A. Carvalho (PEKING)
Common Analysis Tools
Conveners (email): C. Lange (PSI) and P. Lenzi (FLORENCE)