Detector Awards 2019


Michele Bianco  CERN

For outstanding and extensive contributions to the GE11 project, including chamber construction, installation and integration as Technical Coordinator of the project.

Ian Crotty Wisconsin

For extensive important contributions to the construction, operation, and upgrade of the RPC detectors and associated systems.

Mohit Gola Univ. of Delhi

For major contributions to the GE11 GEM chamber assembly and quality control, including the development of procedures to characterize chamber performance.

Jian Wang Univ. Florida

For significant contributions to operation and upgrade of the CSC system, and notably the coordination and execution of the extensive upgrade of the on-chamber electronics during Long Shutdown 2.


Jia Fu Low Univ. of Florida For vital contributions to the Level-1 EndCap Muon Trigger and important studies for the Phase-2 Trigger Upgrade.
Ales Svetek Wisconsin For important firmware engineering contributions to the Level-1 Calorimeter Trigger and Phase-2 Trigger Upgrade.


Felice Pantaleo CERN

For important contributions to the development of reconstruction code for the HGCAL detector, including developing a novel flexible framework for event reconstruction, optimization of the layer-clustering algorithm, and development for GPU processors.

Karol Rapacz CERN

For important contributions to the HGCAL detector and systems design, including the development of the 3D model and detailed layout of the complex CO2 cooling system.

Arnaud Steen National Taiwan Univ.

For leadership in the test beam program for the HGCAL detector, including development of the overall analysis framework and detailed studies of module performance.


Salavat Abdoulline Fermilab

For major contributions and leadership in upgrading the HCAL software to optimize operating efficiency and performance and to prepare for the front-end electronics upgrade.

Alexander Kaminskiy Moscow State Univ. For extensive contributions to the HCAL upgrade, including the DCS and DSS systems, test systems for the front-end electronics upgrade, and source calibration of the upgraded detector.


Ryan Heller Fermilab For critical contributions to the MTD detector design and prototype development, in particular developments for the characterization of LGAD sensors in lab tests and test beams.
Tahereh Niknejad LIP For important simulation work in the development of the front-end chip for the Barrel Timing Layer readout.


Alexander Ledovskoy Univ. of Virginia For outstanding and unique contributions to the modeling and understanding of ECAL crystal and photodetector response evolution, and key contributions to the commissioning and performance optimisation for long term operation of the ECAL detector.


Stefan Maier KIT For outstanding contributions to the upgrade of the Outer Tracker, including development of procedures and systems in 2S module assembly and qualification and the development of a high-rate test stand for the module readout chain.
Yadira Padilla Cornell Univ. For important contributions to the mechanical design of the Inner Tracker upgrade, in particular the TFPX mechanical structure and overall integration of the Inner Tracker.