Detector Awards 2018


Martin Lipinski Aachen   For significant contributions to debugging the pixel detector DCDC converter failures, and for essential involvement in the emergency production of new converters. 
Mykyta Haranko DESY   For significant contributions to the baseline DAQ for the Phase-2 outer tracker, and for µ-DTC firmware design and implementation. 
Jarne de Clercq VUB   For significant contributions to the baseline DAQ for the Phase-2 outer tracker, and for µ-DTC firmware design and implementation. 
Kamil Cichy CERN   For significant, essential contributions to the innovative “tilted barrel” mechanics and cooling for the CMS Tracker Upgrade. 


Lorenzo Barcellan Padova   For outstanding, sustained contributions to the design, commissioning and maintenance of the DT chamber electronics. 
Andrew Peck UCLA   For outstanding, sustained contributions to design and costing of new electronics, including complex optical link planning, for the CSC and GEM muon systems. 
Nicolas Zagandis Ghent   For years of essential contributions and coordination of the RPC system including commissioning, operations and upgrades. 
Rosamaria Venditti  Bari   For years of essential contributions to the Muon system and in particular in the GEM project. 



Nicolò Tosi Bologna   For key contributions to the firmware for the µTCA readout of the BCM1F Background and Luminosity detectors and of the BHM Beam Halo Monitors.


Evgueni Vlassov Moscow/ ITEP   For unique and outstanding contributions to ECAL operations since the start of LHC collisions.
Dario Mapelli U. Milano-Bicocca   For innovative contributions to the ECAL Test Beam data-acquisition system, exploiting modern IT tools and frameworks. 


Nadja Strobbe Fermilab   For leadership in characterisations of the frontend electronics for HF, HE and HB; and excellent leadership of the test beam for the HE and HB upgrades. 
Richard G. Kellogg Maryland   For many years of fundamental contributions to many areas of the HCAL phase-1 upgrades.


Erich Frahm Minnesota   For outstanding contributions to the development of the new Endcap Calorimeter. 
Damien Thienpont Polytechnique   For essential contributions to the design of the HGCAL readout ASIC. 


Enrico Robutti Genova   For years of essential contributions and leadership in the design, construction and operation of the PPS silicon tracker. 



Gregory Iles London/ IC   For sustained and outstanding contributions in designing trigger and readout electronics for CMS over many years. 
Thomas Williams RAL   For exceptional work on the Phase-1 CMS Level-1 Online Software upgrade. 


Roberta Arcidiacono

Torino   For fundamental contributions to the development of the silicon sensors (UFSD) of the MTD end-cap detector.