Detector Awards 2017


Pirmin Berger ETH For significant contributions to the construction, testing and commissioning of the Phase-1 pixel vertex detector of CMS.
Davide Ceresa CERN For the development of the Macro Pixel ASIC (MPA), the readout chip for the innovative Pixel-Strip modules for the Tracker Upgrade.
Laurent Charles Strasbourg For outstanding work over several years on the conception of the Phase 1 Pixel DAQ system, and for successfully bringing it into production. 
Gabrielle Hugo CERN For decisive software and simulation contributions to the large Phase-2 Tracker Upgrade project.
Stella Orfanelli CERN For valuable contributions to beam halo monitoring; for the serial powering for the Phase-2 pixel detector; and for contributions to the design of the overall electronics architecture of the detector.


Dominico Dattola INFN Torino For long-standing and essential contribution to developing the design and integration of infrastructures for the Drift Tube Chambers and Barrel Resistive Plate chambers, and for vital commitment in studying and implementing new shielding to reduce radiation effects on the Muon detectors.
Minho Kang Korea U. For outstanding contributions to the production and quality control of the RPC gaps for CMS RPC RE4/3, 4/2 at KODEL (Korea Detector Laboratory), and for invaluable work on developing a new generation of RPC for the RE3/4-1 chambers for the Phase-2 Muon Upgrade.
Katerina Kuznetsova Florida/ PNPI For outstanding contributions over several years in leading the wide-ranging program of CSC longevity tests and performance studies in high background environments, as expected at HL-LHC, using the SPS muon test beam and the GIF++ high-intensity gamma source.


Mirko Berretti Helsinki For unsurpassed contributions to the development, construction, installation and commissioning of the CT-PPS diamond timing detectors, as leading designer and project coordinator.


David Bailleux Fermilab For outstanding contributions to all technical aspects of the ECAL, and for dedication to the ECAL laser system.
Thierry Romanteau Polytechnique For outstanding contributions to the development of the ECAL trigger concentrator card firmware.
Floris Thiant Polytechnique For outstanding contributions to the development and implementation of the ECAL trigger automatic masking software.


Edward Laird Brown For critical contributions to the Phase-1 upgrade of the HCAL front- and back-end electronics, and for playing a leading role in commissioning one upgraded wedge of HE (HEP17) in CMS.
Daniel Noonan Florida Tech For playing a leading role in the Phase-1 upgrade of the HF detector.


Zoltan Gecse Fermilab For many important contributions to the design and development of the HGCAL project, impacting many aspects of the design.


Frank Glege CERN For playing a leading role in the design and implementation of the Detector Control System, and for the integration of all sub-detectors into the DAQ.
Andre Holzner UCSD For crucial contributions to many aspects of the CMS data acquisition, in particular the networking and monitoring for Run 2.


Karol Bunkowski Warsaw For exceptional work on the CMS Level-1 Muon Trigger.
Johannes Wittman HEPHY For crucial contributions to the successful completion of the Phase-1 upgrade of the CMS trigger project.