Detector Awards 2016

Pictures from the Detector Awards ceremony can be found here: 


Silvan STREULI PSI   For long standing and outstanding work in the design and construction of the new low mass BPIX with integrated CO2 cooling loops and of the related tools for assembly and installation in CMS.
Helmut STEININGER HEPHY engineer For outstanding contributions to the firmware development of the past and the new pixel detector FED.

L1 Trigger

Thomas GORSKI Wisconsin engineer For crucial contributions to the upgraded trigger algorithms on the evolutionary path to the full calorimeter trigger upgrade.
Alessandro THEA RAL   For the long-standing and fundamentally important contribution to both the Phase-1 upgrade and subsequent operations of the Level-1 trigger system.


Vladmir EPSHTEYN Moscow-ITEP engineer For his critical work on analyzing and interpreting the radiation damage of the HCAL scintillators and WLS fibers.
Kevin PEDRO FNAL postdoc For outstanding contributions to the development of the offline software for the phase 1 hardware upgrade for HF and HE and for the development of the simulation and studies of the Radiation damage to the HE scintillator.


Flavio LODDO BARI engineer For the crucial contribution to the design and finalization of the VFAT3 front-end electronics of the GE1/1 project.
Simranjit Singh CHHIBRA Bologna   In recognition of his crucial contributions on developing, testing, and implementing the Alignment Position Errors (APE) in muon track reconstruction contributing to the success of the muon reconstruction, especially at high muon momenta.


Jeroen HEGEMAN CERN   For essential contributions to the integration the new TCDS (Trigger Control Distribution System) in the phase-I upgrade Trigger and Data Acquisition subsystems.


Jessica Lynn LEONARD DESY   For crucial contributions to the BRIL system. After being the author of the online read-out software for the custom-built real-time histogramming units (RHU) she has been in charge of the commissioning and operation of the full BCM1F system.
Moritz GUTHOFF CERN   For the excellent contribution in optimizing the frontend sensor choices for the Fast Beams Conditions Monitor, BCM1F and for the many contributions to the radiation simulation code of CMS.