Come to us and visit a unique place in the world!

CMS guide


Meet our guides, walk through the CMS corridors, look closely at some CMS detector components, take the lift to 100m underground and admire this astonishing machine only a couple of meters away!
Visiting the CMS detector at CERN is an incredible experience for everyone: school groups, families, science lovers and science amateurs!

After a short introduction, groups are guided by a CMS engineer or physicist through the construction hall where the 15 sections of CMS were lowered 100 meters into the underground cavern, near Cessy, France. You will have the opportunity to visit the underground service cavern where the data from the CMS detector is sorted before being sent for analysis, and finally you will see the working control room.

CMS is the only experiment where you can visit the underground facilities during the LHC running period!