• Dominique Gigi explains DAQ to enthusiastic youngsters

  • Students showing their creativity and understanding under the watchful eyes of CMS collaborators Stephanie Beauceron, Marzena Lapka and Niels Dupont-Sagorin

  • Jumping for Joy in front of the "Faces of CMS" collage at point 5

On the evening of 23rd September CMS welcomed, for the second successive year, young local students to point 5 for an experience they will never forget - and this time we joined forces with TOTEM. As part of the European Researchers' Night, around 30 youngsters, aged between 13 and 15, had a short introduction to CERN, LHC, CMS and TOTEM, followed by an hour "on shift" in the CMS and TOTEM control rooms. After this they got to work themselves, producing posters to explain an aspect of being a particle physicist. Once again the students impressed us with their excitement at being "in the heart of things", their range of questions and their creativity. A productive and fun evening was had by all, and in the CMS Run Meeting the following day it was quoted: "Successful Researcher's Night yesterday. Put school kids on shift and take data at 96.7% efficiency! :)". Thanks to all the volunteers who gave-up their normal Friday evening activities to take part!