System Name Institution Citation
Tracker Souvik Das Cornell major help in the development of pixel online software
Tracker Robert Stringer UCR crucial contributions to the development of the tracker control system
ECAL Jason Haupt Minn crucial contributions to the ECAL commissioning
ECAL Toyoko Orimoto Caltech decisive leadership in the ECAL prompt feedback group
HCAL Jordan Damgov Sofia major contributions to analysis of test beam data, Global data and iCS08
HCAL Ellie Lockner Maryland important contributions to operations and shift scheduling for HCAL
Muon Marina Giunta INFN, Bologna decisive contributions to DT DCS and monitoring software
Muon Greg Rakness UCLA important contributions to installation and commissioning of the CSC
Tridas Christian Hartl Vienna making crucial contributions to the L1 Global Trigger system
Tridas Andrea Petrucci UCSD making decisive contributions to the DAQ run control
Commissioning Andre David LIP key efforts on the ECAL DAQ and central run operations
Commissioning Paolo Rumerio Maryland great responsibilities taken for HCAL and central run operations
Software, Computing Dave Mason Fermilab being established as key member of the data operations team
Software, Computing Giovanni Petrucciani Pisa major contributions to the Physics Analysis Tools task force