Achievement Awards 2015

Name Institute System Nomination
Clint Richardson Boston University, doctoral student Trigger Coordination For his outstanding High Level Trigger work on CPU performance and online operations.
Silvio Donato Universita di Pisa & INFN, doctoral student Trigger Coordination For his outstanding work on High Level Trigger menu development, b-tagging triggers and online operations."
Krisztian Krajczar Massachusetts Institute of Technology Trigger Coordination For his outstanding work on High Level Trigger menu development for Heavy Ion data taking.
Ted Kolberg University of Maryland HCAL For his leadership and contributions as the HCAL Operations manager during the commissioning phase of Run 2.
Victor Khristenko University of Iowa, doctoral student HCAL For his strong and numerous contributions to many aspects of the most urgent and demanding HCAL tasks for data taking, such as DQM and HCAL Operations."
Matthew Walker Rutgers Tracker For outstanding and continuous contributions to the Strip Tracker DAQ, Tracker operation and training of newcomers, as well as being very active in the Tracking POG working on track selection based on a MVA technique."
Simon Spannagel DESY, doctoral student Tracker For his contribution to many essential aspects of the Pixel Phase I upgrade project among which the measurement of the performance of the iterations of the Pixel ROC and the development of the test software for the module production.
Erik Butz KIT Run Coordination For invaluable tools used by all CMS subsystems to diagnose run-time problems ex post facto.
Sudarshan Paramesvaran University of Bristol Run Coordination For the commissioning of the Stage-1 and Stage-2 calorimeter trigger upgrades.
Giacomo Cucciati Milano Bicocca ECAL For his leadership of the ECAL DAQ group, and for his dedication to ECAL DAQ and Trigger commissioning and operation at P5."
Rafael Teixeira de Lima Northeastern University, doctoral student ECAL For his leading contributions to ECAL DAQ development and his support of ECAL DAQ installations at P5 and B904.
Lukas Vanelderen Hamburg University Computing & Offline For his outstanding contribution on the Fast Simulation (FASTSIM) for CMS Offline.
Farrukh Aftab Khan National Centre for Physics in Pakistan, computer scientist Computing & Offline For his outstanding contribution on the operations of the glideinWMS infrastructure for CMS Computing.
Federico De Guio CERN PPD For his vital role in managing the CMS Data Quality Monitoring infrastructure.
Antanas Norkus Vilnius University, computing scientist PPD For his outstanding contribution to the Release Validation and Monte Carlo production in PPD.
Aram Apyan MIT, doctoral student Upgrade For the study of the VBF H to tau-tau flagship physics signal to motivate major upgrades in the Phase II Technical Proposal and in the Scope Document.
Cesare Calabria Bari Upgrade For the development of the reconstruction software and the performance studies of the new Phase II forward muon chambers.
Francesco Micheli Zurich-ETH Upgrade For the development of the DAQ for the calorimeter upgrades test beams and the sustained support to all groups during the test periods.
Pierre Rose CERN, mechanical engineer Upgrade For the development of engineering designs, the modeling and the prototyping of the Outer Tracker modules."
Anna Cimmino Gent University Muons For her outstanding contribution to the commissioning and operation of the RPC system in 2015.
Evaldas Juska Fermilab, software professional) Muons For his outstanding contribution over many years to the CSC online software including DCS and the CSC Expert System.
Jeroen Hegeman CERN, applied physicist TriDAS For outstanding contributions to the development and operation of the new Trigger Control and Distribution System.
Maxime Guilbaud Rice University TriDAS For outstanding contributions to the development and operation of the upgraded Level-1 calorimeter trigger for heavy-ion and proton-proton collisions in 2015.
Zhen Xie Princeton University, software engineer BRIL For building and maintaining the brildaq system that has revolutionised the process of acquisition for non-event data.
Sophie Mallows KIT, radiation physicist BRIL For steering the Radiation Simulation task in BRIL and providing vital information for the upgrade planning of CMS.
    CT-PPS No nominations this year from CT-PPS. This is not due to the lack of excellent colleagues. Given the size of the team and the wish that Achievement Awards are exceptional indeed, it is more adequate to nominate less frequent."
Michael Hoch HEPHY Nomination from the CB Chairpersons team supported by the CB Advisory Group and the Head of CMS Communication For his outstanding contributions to CMS outreach and education programs, as well as for his creation of and dedication to the art@CMS program."