20 Apr 2009 | rusace01 | Collaboration
The last two weeks the Forward Pixels (FPIX) detectors were both reinstalled and successfully tested. This activity was very much interleaved with the re-alignment of the central beam pipe. Both activities took place in a fragile and confined…
19 Oct 2008 | rusace01 | Collaboration
Loic Quertenmont has produced a lot of very nice pictures of events in the 3.8T field. Enjoy the slideshow too...
16 Oct 2008 | rusace01 | Collaboration
09 Jul 2008 | rusace01 | Collaboration
08 Jul 2008 | rusace01 | Collaboration
14 Feb 2008 | rusace01 | Collaboration
March CERN Courier has a centre spread article on the Tracker with a cover picture.
09 Mar 1982 | ajafari | Physics
For over two millennia, people have wondered about the diversity of the material world, asking questions like “what are things made of?”. In the early decades of the 20th century we figured out that all things are composed of electrons, protons, and…