Name Institution System Citation "For"
Andrea Benaglia Milano-Bicocca(student) ECAL contribution to calibration and monitoring of ECAL with isolated electrons
Yong Yang Caltech (student) ECAL contributions to intercalibration of ECAL with pi0's and eta's
Jean-Roch Vlimant UCSB(postdoc) Offline excellent work in the reconstruction project as convener as well as in the daily offline operations
Salvatore di Guida CERN(postdoc) Offline excellent work on the infrastructue for alignment and calibration workflows
Jacob Linacre FNAL (postdoc) Computing excellent contributions to CMS Data Processing
David Sperka Boston University (student) Trigger outstanding HLT work on CPU performance, muon triggers and on-call support"
Alex Mott Caltech (student) Trigger outstanding HLT work on monitoring, noise filters, SUSY triggers and on-call support"
Anna Cimmino Ghent (post-doc) Muons contribution in the RPC DQM design and development.
Chris Farrell UCLA (student) Muons contribution in the CSC muon reconstruction.
Ben Kreis Cornell (student pixel) Tracker outstanding contribution to Pixel detector commissioning, calibration and operation."
Christian Barth KIT (student strip) Tracker outstanding contribution to Tracker radiation damage studies, DCS and operation. "
Yi Chen Caltech (student) HCAL outstanding contribution to the development and implementation of HCAL noise filters
Taylan Yetkin Iowa (post-doc) HCAL leadership in HCAL operations and improvements in the HF detector and data quality
Ekaterina Kuznetsova DESY (Postdoc) HCAL outstanding contribution to CASTOR commissioning and calibration
Gian Piero di Giovanni Univ. of Florida(postdoc) TriDas work in the development and commissioning of the CSC muon trigger
Sho Maruyama UC Davis (student) TriDas work on the development of WBM trigger monitoring
Jake Anderson FNAL (postdoc) Upgrade outstanding contribution to HCAL upgrade simulations
Andrzej Zuranski Princeton (student) Run contributions to the operation of the CMS luminosity measurement
James Hirschauer FNAL (postdoc) Run contributions to the operations of the CMS HCAL and prompt feedback
Ivan Amos Cali MIT (postdoc) Run leading the effort to commission CMS for heavy ion readout