Name Institution System Nomination
Shervin Nourbakhsh Universita' di Roma La Sapienza and INFN Roma-1 (student) ECAL decisive contribution to the ECAL calibration and resolution studies
Yutaro Ilyama Canergie-Mellon U. (student) ECAL decisive contribution to the ECAL Data Quality Monitoring
Danilo Piparo CERN PPD excellent work in the Physics data MC validation (PdmV) project as convener as well as in the daily offline operations
Sho Maruyama FNAL PPD excellent work on the data certification
Piergiulio Lenzi Universita' di Firenze Offline  
Slava Krutelyov UCSD Offline  
Juliette Alimena Brown univ Trigger implementation of triggers for long-lived particles and outstanding contributions to HLT code and trigger menu integration
Lucie Gautier UIC Trigger trigger menu development, implementation of SUSY triggers and outstanding service as an HLT on-call expert "
Antonio Branca Padua (Student) Muons important contributions to the DT-DQM, which, thanks to his implementation of well designed tests, is able to certify the data quality with great accuracy"
Danielle Fasanella Bologna (postdoc) Muons outstanding contribution in supporting the DT PVSS , HV and LV systems, for which he developed numerous functionalities for dealing with difficult problems, such as the VCON error in the LV, making it one of the key elements for the DT excellent peformance in the past two years."
Erik Butz MIT (postdoc) Tracker important contribution to strip-Tracker operations and his major role in assuring the highest availability and best performance of the strip detector during the full p-p running period.
Janos Karancsi Univ. Debrecen Tracker important contribution to our understanding of pixel-detector efficiency in very high rate conditions, in addition to his detailed studies of transient and cumulative radiation effects."
Sudarshan Paramesvaran UC Riverside (postdoc) HCAL outstanding contributions to the HCAL commissioning and operations with his leading role in 2012.
Edmund A. Berry Princeton U. (student) HCAL excellent contribution to the HCAL operations and DAQ expertise.
Jeffrey Wood U. of Kansas (Student() HCAL outstanding contribution to the ZDC development and operations .
Nadir Daci LLR (student) TriDas studies of the L1 Electron-Photon trigger performance including ECAL spike killing
Giuseppe Codispoti UAM (postdoc) TriDas maintaining, operating and monitoring the DT Track-finder trigger, including its software"
Kevin Pedro Maryland (student) Upgrade development of simulation tools andstudies for forward calorimetry concepts
Mark Grimes Bristol (postdoc) Upgrade studies on physics performance with the pixel detector upgrade
Juan Antonio Lopez Perez FNAL Run outstanding contribution to the development of online monitoring tools in WBM and persistent support during the run
Ivan Amos Cali MIT Run contribution to the preparation, commissioning and coordination of CMS for the Heavy Ion run"