Achievement Awards 2013

Krajczar Krisztian CERN Run Coordination For his contribution to the CMS High Level Trigger during the p-Pb run in 2013. His work on the High Level Trigger was crucial for the smooth operation during the Heavy Ion run and for the high data taking efficiency and data quality.
Soha Aron FNAL Run Coordination For his contribution to the development of WBM and for improving the performance and robustness of WBM for online monitoring.
Demiragli Zeyenep Brown University Trigger Coordination For development of the new OpenHLT tool for menu studies, construction of the "half rate" benchmark menu and continuous contribution to the trigger menu studies done in the context of the STEAM group of the TSG.
Trocino Daniele Northeastern University Trigger Coordination For the outstanding work in convening the trigger in the Muon POG, providing an excellent muon trigger during the key years of the Higgs discovery and further improvements in view of the coming challenges.
Borrello Laura University of Wisconsin PPD For her contribution to the coordination of the Data Certification activity within the DQM group and for her work to improve and streamline the certification procedures.
Ojeda Miguel CERN PPD For his leading contribution to the development and deployment of several essential tools for CMS, spanning from services for Conditions management in the AlCaDB group, web applications for the PdmV group to the TagCollector for release integration.
Kortelainen Matti Helsinki Institute of Physics Offline For his work in performance tool development and studies in the areas of Reconstruction, HLT, and DQM since 2010.
Abdurachmanov David Vilnius University Offline For his achievements in solving some of the exceptionally difficult problems in porting and migrating CMSSW software to new architectures and new versions of external products like ROOT, in addition to his years of service as a CMSSW release manager.
Malta Rodrigues Alan Rio de Janeiro Computing For critical contributions to the operations team as the principle person producing the RelVal samples.
Dahmes Bryan Dahmes University of Minnesota Upgrades For his work on exotic physics studies for the ECFA workshop, and to demonstrate the motivation of a tracking extension to mitigate PU effects in the VBF jet tagging region.
Hughes Elliot Rutgers Upgrades For his involvement in the qualification of the QIE chip for the HCAL Phase 1 upgrade.
Levin Andrew MIT Upgrades For his work to develop the implementation of flexible geometry in the CMSSW fast simulation framework.
Zejdl Petr CERN Tridas For the development of a simplified TCP/IP protocol in an FPGA for the new CMS DAQ system.
Iles Greg Imperial College Tridas For his leading contribution to electronics design in the Level-1 Trigger project, in particular as a pioneer of high-speed optical serial links and large-scale FPGAs upon which the Phase 1 upgrade of the Level-1 trigger is based.
Yohay Rachel UC Davis Tracker For her outstanding contribution to Pixel repair and maintenance work, and leading role in 2013.
Hreus Tomas Zurich University Tracker For his outstanding contribution to the Tracker DPG work, and leading role in 2012-2013.
Marone Matteo INFN Trieste ECAL For his long-term commitment to the ECAL performance, from beam test analysis to construction and in-situ commissioning, and now as co-convener of the ECAL Prompt Feedback Group.
Lucchini Marco Milano-Bicocca, CERN ECAL For his outstanding contribution to understanding the longevity of the ECAL, through his coherent and systematic analyses of beam tests of irradiated crystals.
Lutz Benjamin DESY HCAL For excellent organization of the process of carrying out full replacement of HPD to SiPMs.
Saka Halil Princeton HCAL For his outstanding individual contribution to the quality of the HCAL physics dataset.
Van Haevermaet Hans Antwerp University CASTOR For his outstanding contribution into the CASTOR hardware and software development, test beam studies and data analysis.
Suarez Indara Texas A&M University MUONS For her work on the integration and commissioning of the new electronics for the ME1/1 region of the Cathode Strip Chambers.
Colafranceschi Stefano CERN MUONS For outstanding work contributing towards the efficient running of the RPC system.