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Achievement Awards 2016

L1 Trigger

Zhenbin Wu University of Illinois at Chicago postdoc For his extensive and indispensable work on the development of the Level-1 trigger menus"
Thomas Strebler Laboratoire Leprince-Ringuet, Ecole Polytechnique, IN2P3- CNRS doctoral student For his outstanding contributions to the development of the electron and photon finder for the Level-1 calorimeter trigger upgrade"

Trigger Coordination

Dominick Olivito Univ. of California San Diego (UCSD) postdoc For his exemplary work on the trigger development and performance studies for Standard Model physics and SUSY searches, and the use of ``tracker muons'' at HLT"
Nadir Daci Vrije Universiteit Brussel postdoc For his extensive work, initiative and oversight of the High Level Trigger rate studies, menu development, and validation, and for his work on the trigger development for Exotica searches"


Fabio Ravera INFN-Torino doctoral student “For his invaluable contributions in the development, characterization, testing and data analysis of 3D silicon pixel detectors for CT-PPS”
Finn Rebassoo LLNL, Livermore postdoc “For his extraordinary performance in the design, construction, testing, and installation of the CT-PPS precision clock system in the LHC tunnel”


Douglas Berry CHICAGO postdoc “For leading the testing, debugging and repairing of all Phase I Forward Pixel modules in preparation for their installation on the half disks”
Francesco Fiori TAIPEI-NTU postdoc “For leading the Tracker DQM group during the challenging first two years of Run 2 and the preparation for the pixel upgrade, and for establishing an effective Tracker Prompt Feedback Group”

Run Coordination

Mario Galanti Rochester postdoc “For his contributions to the simultaneous operations of the Hadronic Calorimeter and commissioning of multiple phase-1 upgrades”
Dinyar Rabady HEPHY doctoral student “For his significant contributions to the upgrade Global Muon Trigger and support to the upgrade Global Trigger”


Marco Peruzzi CERN postdoc “For his leading contributions to ECAL Run Coordination during CMS Run II”
Pierre Depasse Lyon permanent staff “For his leading contributions to online operations and offline reconstruction via his management of the ECAL databases”


Erica Brondolin HEPHY doctoral student “For her contributions as main developer of the track reconstruction software for the new implementation of the Tracker geometry for the Phase II upgrade TDR studies”
Andrey Marinov ULB-Brussels postdoc “For his longstanding contributions to the development of large size GEM for the GEM1/1 project, and has a key role in preparing the slice test that will be installed during the 2016 EYETS”
Louise Skinnari Cornell postdoc “For her outstanding contributions in the development of the software for the Track-Trigger formation based a tracklet approach, and for her studies of the overall L1-trigger performance for the Phase II Upgrade Technical Proposal”
Danila Tlisov Moscow-INR postdoc “For his major contributions to the qualification of the radiation tolerance of the Phase I HCAL front-end readout and his key role in the preparation and operation of the Castor Radiation Facility essential to validate the scintillator devices for the Phase II Hadron Barrel and Back Hadron Endcap Calorimeters”

PPD coordination

Marco Musich Universite Catholique de Louvain (UCL) postdoc “For his outstanding contributions to the Alignment and Calibration group”
Matti Kortelainen CERN postdoc “For his vital contributions to the performance of the CMS track reconstruction”

Endcap Calorimeter Upgrade project

Rajdeep Chatterjee Minnesota postdoc “For his outstanding contributions to the commissioning, operation and analysis of tests of HGCAL prototypes in beams at Fermilab and CERN”
Thomas Pierre-Emile LLR mechanical engineer “For his outstanding contributions to the engineering work developing the design, performing comprehensive and rigorous engineering analysis, and the material tests and prototyping for the EE structure for the Endcap Calorimeter”


Jared Sturdy Wayne State University postdoc “For his work in the GEM subdetector, leading the GEM online software and commissioning group for over a year in preparing for the GE1/1 demonstrator to be installed at the start of 2017”
Jacopo Pazzini Padua University and INFN postdoc “For his work in the DT subdetector, writing DAQ software of the TwinMux, taking care of the DT longevity tests at the GIF++ facility, and operations as a DT DOC”


Mehmet Ozgur Sahin DESY postdoc “For his development and commissioning of the firmware for the ngFEC card for the Phase-I upgrades”
Ohannes Kamer Koseyan Bogazici University doctoral student “For his contributions to the testing of the QIE10 cards for the HF Phase-I upgrade”

Computing and Offline

Nicolo Magini Fermilab software engineer “For his sustained and very critical contributions to the development and support of the PhEDEx dataset replication system and the work done in co-coordinating the workload and data management development sector in Software/Computing”


Paul Lujan University of Canterbury postdoc “For the commissioning and operation of the Pixel Luminosity Telescope and for the management of CMS online luminosity“
Arkady Lokhovitskiy University of Canterbury engineer “For maintaining all of the behind the scenes computing and hardware systems of BRIL and for countless contributions to the work and success of all of his colleagues”